Unregistered runners, unauthorized vehicles, bicycles, skateboards, in-line or roller skates, baby joggers or strollers, and all animals are strictly prohibited on the course to ensure runner safety. Use of headphones is prohibited onboard the Naval installation. No bags of any size or type (including backpacks) will be allowed on the course. Camelbak style packs will not be allowed.

Is there a time limit to complete the race?

Yes, everyone must complete the race in under 4 hours.

Is there a limit to the runner field?
Yes, the cap for runners is 1800. Approximately 1550 registrations available online. 100 spots available on site at the EXPO June 1. The rest are held until we have accounted for wounded warriors and other veteran groups we are hoping will participate.

Does the race sell-out?
Our 2015 race sold out. However that didn't happen overnight. It happened 30 days prior to race day. We recommend that everyone register as early as possible to guarantee you have slot.

What is the online transfer program?
Yes, how to transfer a race registration

How can I confirm my registration?
Go to the searchable database and look for your name. If you are in the database, you are registered.

Can I defer my registration until next year or request refund?
No, Race registrations cannot be deferred and only in the event that race is cancelled would refund be issued.

Is there an age requirement for the race?
You must be at least 13 years old on race day. Children 5-12 years old are welcome to participate in our Mini Miler Race.

Are baby joggers or strollers allowed?
No, this event is RRCA sanctioned ... bicycles, skateboards, baby joggers or strollers, roller-skates or blades, animals and headsets are not allowed in the race.

Why 10 nautical miles?
Our unique race distance represents the distance from a ship to the horizon line; a distance for which our military battled when they stormed Normandy in June of 1945. Our runners gladly take on that challenge to commemorate the work of our US Military.For you landlubbers, a 10 nautical mile race is similar in length to a half-marathon.

Who benefits from the proceeds?
All proceeds benefit the Mid-South Military Community. Our organization directly gives back to our sailors and their families by providing quality of life enhancing programs and facilities for them while they are stationed here. Essentially, the Navy community benefits from any proceeds from the event. We are also able to offer opportunities such as waiving fees for wounded warriors and their care takers to participate in the event.

We want to give a special thanks to our men and women in uniform. Those of you who are currently serving in the military, please take advantage of our special rate and special refund policy.

Is there a Military rate? Yes!!!
As a thank you to our men and women in uniform we will be offering Active Duty service members a $60 entry into race, no matter what the date (as long as the race is not full). When registering, select Active Duty registration to receive the rate. This is limited to anyone with an Active Duty ID.
· If you are active duty you qualify.
· Rate does not apply to… reservists, dependents, veterans , or retirees .

Anyone using the Active Duty rate without a valid Active Duty military ID will not be able to pick up their bib, will forfeit all fees and will be banned for life from our races.
You MUST show an Active Duty ID in order to pick up your bib. If someone is picking up your packet, they must have a copy of your Active Duty ID. In order to preserve the integrity of this special rate, we will not release an Active Duty rate bib without the proper ID.

What if I get new orders?

If any active duty service-member registers and subsequently receives orders that prevent them from attending the race, including deployment, we will allow them to defer or transfer their registration. Please email us at navy10nm@gmail.com to make arrangements.
Registrations that use the military discount cannot be transferred, sold, or deferred, for reasons other than deployment.

The start line and start corrals are secure areas for participants only. Start corrals are used to provide a smooth fast start for faster athletes, as well as a positive race experience with sufficient room to run/walk along the race course. The goal is to keep slower athletes from lining up in front of faster athletes. Athletes should line up in the start corral that represents their expected finish time given at registration.

After you cross the finish line, it is important that you continue moving forward - at least at a slow walk - so that the finish area does not become bottlenecked with exhausted runners standing around and trying to catch their breath. Volunteers will be positioned just beyond finish line to award each finisher our famous 10NM finisher’s medals.

Upon exiting the finish line area you will enter the runner recovery/cool down area (which is a secure area and off limits to the public), there you will be given a cool souvenir towel and offered fruit – bananas or oranges. More post race snacks will be found at the Post Race Party. Why? These snacks are meant to stabilize you until you feel like eating something a little more. Medical assistance will be available if needed. Once you exit this area you will NOT be allowed to re-enter.

All race bibs contain a personalized QR code for each participant. Scan the code to obtain your personalized results. Official results are based on the D-tag time. D-tag time is defined as the duration of the time from the moment a runner crosses the mats at the start until the moment the runner crosses the mats at the finish.

Please check results to validate your time, especially if you expect to be an award winner.

The top three scorers in each of 19 age groups and divisions will receive awards. Anyone who is unable to stay and participate in the ceremony where winners are given opportunity to have Commanding Officer of Naval Support Activity present their award (commemorative coin) to them and pose for free souvenir photo to mark the occasion can submit request to have their award placed in the mail by sending email to mwrwizard@gmail.com.

The celebration begins at the start of the race and will continue until the last runner crosses the finish line. As runners make their way into the runner recovery/cool down area, the POST RACE PARTY AND EXPO will be where family and friends are waiting to re-unite with their athletes. This will take place inside N-82 GYM and feature music, food, drinks, merchandise and hundreds of athletes, family and friends celebrating their accomplishments and brandishing the best finisher's medal in the land!

Blair Ball photo team will also be on site to take souvenir photos against a special backdrop. You can download these souvenir photos for FREE (link will be provided at the time photo is taken.) Images will be accessible from a link on the homepage for approx. 30 days after the event. You can expect to see the images uploaded by Monday or Tuesday evening.

Naval Support Activity Security along with other local, state, federal law Enforcement agencies will conduct security operations during the 10NM race events in an effort to provide an enhanced level of safety to athletes, spectators, staff and volunteers.

Part of the race will go through the secure (fenced) part of the base. To gain access to this part of the race, runners will need to be registered and wearing their bib number on the FRONT of their shirts, so that Security personnel can see them.

Absolutely no "bandits" will be permitted to run this portion of the race, not even a military ID will gain you access past Security through this particular gate.

There is no gear check. Your personal items will need to be returned to your car or left with a friend or family member. DO NOT LEAVE ITEMS SUCH AS PURSES, BACKPACKS, TOTES, BAGS ETC... UNATTENDED AT ANYTIME.

The Will Call/Cashier booth also serves as Lost and Found. Item turned into Lost and Found not claimed by end of the event (approximately 11 a.m.) will be turned over to admin office when the facility is secured. If not claimed within five working days following the race, items will be discarded.

Please use four safety pins to affix the number to the front of your shirt. Your number must be visible at the start, finish and all points on the course. IMPORTANT: Your timing chip is affixed to the back of your bib. It is not to be removed for any reason. If your timing chip is not worn properly throughout the race, you will not receive an official time.

Unregistered runners, unauthorized vehicles, bicycles, skateboards, in-line or roller skates, baby joggers or strollers, and all animals are strictly prohibited on the course to ensure runner safety. Use of headphones is prohibited onboard the Naval installation. No bags of any size or type (including backpacks) will be allowed on the course. Camelbak style packs will not be allowed.

Every aid station has porta potties. There are also porta potties and hand washing stations at start and finish lines.

ALL aid stations on the course will offer Gatorade and water from Premium Refreshment Services. Note GU Energy Gels are included in race packet.

We urge medical caution by all runners, particularly first-timers. Do not go beyond your physical limit.

Runners should notify aid station personnel of any injured or ill runners requiring assistance. A runner who appears to be suffering from a life-threatening condition, such as heat stroke, may be examined by qualified member of medical support team to determine the seriousness of the problem. Runners unable to complete the race will be transported to Emergency Medical Unit near Start/Finish line. Once transportation is requested, it is important that runners not leave the scene by any other means so that their safety and whereabouts may be accounted for.

Emergency medical staff and vehicles are positioned near the start and finish line and mobile units will be on course.

Runners are advised to drink plenty of liquids during the run. Drink in small quantities early and often. Do not wait until you are thirsty. If you are drinking both water and some form of a fluid replacement drink, you should maintain a sensible balance to ensure proper electrolyte balance.